Horror Narration

Terri is a regular contributor to the Scary Stories Around The Fire podcast from Random Acts, and has been a guest on Lavender Scare.

The Boarded Window (Excerpt)
The Comet (Excerpt)
No Lights (Excerpt)

See existing work on Audible.

stylized closeup photo of Terri, wearing pink and black eye makeup and black lipstick, raising one hand, which shows two silver rings, almost to her lips. Her eyes are closed. There is a faded color effect to the photo.

Childrens' Books Narration

Terri has a professional background in early childhood education, and is a frequent featured narrator in childrens' videos produced by the Fun4theDisabled nonprofit.

Badgie & Ming and the Angry Tent
Gilbert Goldfish Wants A Pet 
Piano Starts Here 
Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be In This Book) 
Zeze the Copycat

Illustration by Lucy Smith, with thanks to Fun4theDisabled.

closeup photo of Terri wearing black thin framed glasses and small silver hoop earrings, her hair loose around her shoulders. There is a children’s book illustration in the background that she is mostly obscuring.

Staying In Touch

Updates on new projects will posted via Substack.

Older or less-active social-media presence includes Facebook or Instagram.

To reach me by email, contact terrilhudson@gmail.com.

a closeup photo of Terri, hair loose and wearing a pair of black headphones, making a cartoonish open mouthed grinning expression


ChicagoBMG Models and Talent312.829.9100
TexasAcclaim Talent512.416.9222

headshot photo of Terri, hair over one shoulder and wearing a blue marled texture sweater

Home Studio Equipment

Our home studio consists of an audio booth, and a dedicated room for video.

Audio BoothInterfaceSound Devices MixPre 3-II
Audio BoothMicrophoneShure SM-7b
Audio BoothIsolation ShieldMonoprice/Stage Right 602650
Video RoomCamera (Primary)Blackmagic Studio Camera 4k Pro
Video RoomCamera (Secondary)Panasonic S5-IIX
Video RoomCamera (Tertiary)Panasonic GH5s
Video RoomShotgun Mic (Primary)Zoom SSH-6
Video RoomShotgun Mic (Secondary)R0de NTG-3B
Video RoomLavalier MicSennheiser ewG4 + ME-2
Video RoomAudio Interface (Primary)Zoom H-6
Video RoomAudio Interface (Secondary)Zoom UAC-232
Video RoomSwitch/RecorderBlackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme ISO

closeup photo of sound booth insulation foam


Terri is active in advocating for disability access and representation, including physical access to performance spaces and use of virtual collaboration modes.

Photo credit: Saif Word

photo of Terri sitting in a black chair on a bare black stage, wearing a blue tunic, burgundy floral leggings and black leg braces and shoes. She is raising one hand with a pointed finger and is speaking.

Other Reels

While childrens' books and horror have their own demos, some general-purpose commercial reels are also available.

  • Theatrical reel

  • Commerial audio reel (2-minute cut)

  • Commerial audio reel (full)

stylized photograph of a studio recording control surface, focused on a row of buttons (rewind, fast-forward, record, etc) with the rest of the panel moving out-of-focus